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Horizontal Metropolis: Summer school

+ Architecture in Belgium and Bozar invite you to the Horizontal Metropolis Summer School, organized as part of the exhibition Horizontal Metropolis – a radical project realized under the direction of the architect and urbanist Paola Viganò. The Summer School will take place from July 9th to July 15th 2018, in Brussels.

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Pedagogical spaces and dystopias. Once again on modern public space

There are two opposite ways of modern public space. The first one is the pedagogical space: expression of morphological path to citizenship. The second one is the dystopian space filled with waste and wild animals. The latter is recurring in movies and novels that deal with the loss of the future (i.e. Children of Men, by Alfonso Cuarón). The optimistic (public) space of the future is opposite to the (public) space that has lost the future. Read more

On the Carlo Donolo’s visions. To continue on his way

On 10th May 2018 from 9:30 am to 16:00 pm will be held, at Giangiacomo Feltrinelli Foundation – Multifuncional hall (1st floor), a study day in honor of Carlo Donolo and his research.

Below the program

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La ricerca in architettura. Temi di discussione

Cosa succede alla ricerca in Architettura? Come cambiano le pratiche e gli stili della ricerca, gli stessi profili dei ricercatori? Siamo in una situazione accelerata di passaggio, non cumulativa, e niente affatto univoca, che sovrappone caratteri non concilianti. Guardare al mutamento dal lato delle istituzioni universitarie, culturali, valutative significa coglierne inerzie e innovazioni, fedeltà ritualistica e apprendimento sociale; misurare le une e le altre con l’idea (cautamente ottimistica) che tutt’ora permanga una qualche specificità per la cultura architettonica italiana, ma che questa necessiti di essere sostenuta entro un’ampia discussione pubblica.

Città e Produzione. Esplorazioni per una ricerca progettuale

Below the program of the Design Unit on City and Production, of the Bachelor Degree in Architecture at Polytechnic of Turin A.Y. 2017-2018


#1 Exploring researches. Creative Nation, space missing

Nesta Uk “Creative Nation” report is the last research on Creative Industry In United Kingdom. Beside the extraordinary dynamic and open-source database visible in a set of interesting infographics and maps offered by the research, the report could also be a reflection on how is it possible to study creative industry today.

In this research it’s possible to point out four main issues: 1) what creative industry is: a necessary shared definition; 2) data availability: the weaknesses of sources; 3) the geography of creative industry: the absence of territory and space; 4) the relation between creative industry and the city: how production “makes the city”?

Although the report is relevant and interesting, a research on spatial implication of creative production and the role of the city in such an industry seems to be necessary.

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City and Production days- Joint Project

Below, we report two seminar days on the joint project of city and production that will be held at Polytechnic of Turin on 20th and 21th February.


Teaching urban design

On 19th February will be held in Turin a seminar entitled “Are we all designers? Teaching and learning to design architecture “, proposed by the Collegio di Architettura. The discussion will focus on the teaching of architecture in the three years of the Bachelor degree. Following are the questions put by the editors and the contribution of urbanism. Read more

What does it mean today to design a “productive space”?

The question represent the main research objective of the Urban Design Atelier 17/18 (Bachelor’s degree course in Architecture at the Polytechnic of Turin). The students try to explore this issues following three categories of production: agricultural, manufacturing and cultural (artcraft).

Below you should find some results of the different project proposals. Read more