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Spazi e corpi. Il progetto urbanistico contemporaneo


Seminario di tesi “Abitare la città contemporanea”

Il 25 ottobre si terrà presso il Politecnico di Milano il Seminario di Tesi “Abitare la città contemporanea. Qui di seguito il programma.

Unusual spaces of cohabitation. Public policies and the neo-liberal invention of Chicago

In Chicago new forms of crime protection were experienced during the 90’s: they were built on proximity, co-production of safety, empowerment. The Chicago Alternative Policing Strategy is recognized as the best known urban program of community policing for crime prevention and the maintenance of public order supervised by a police department: an experimentation that lasted about twenty years. Read more

Are shared spaces able to rebuild the city?


Cristina Bianchetti, Are shared spaces able to rebuild the city?, in Scienze del Territorio -Rivista di Studi Territorialisti, vol 3 del 2015, pp.52-58.

Territoires partagés. Une nouvelle ville

Indice Tp

The irresistible lightness of contemporary design. Inspiration from the work of the group G124

In Italy we’re still talking about the suburbs in the same way. Perhaps, the leaders of the Catholic culture of the late 50s were the first ones, with some anticipation. Since then much has changed. The recent Report made by the group G124, funded and established by Renzo Piano, is an interesting case to test the discourse about “periferie”. On one side, the Report recall those old positions, and describe, in the same way, discomforts and conflicts. On the other side, the projects for the outskirts of Turin, Rome and Catania propose light actions, in search of comfort, beauty and small adjustments.

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Sharing is just an European phenomenon?

This blog has dealt with many cases in which shared practices are reshaping territories, mostly European, occasionally North American. What happens in the rest of the world? Read more

Mine, your, ours. How ownership changes


On 11th November, at the Buzzati Room via Balzan 3 Milano, will be held at 18:00 a discussion meeting on property entitled “From ownership to access. The sharing economy”. Read more

Shared territories on il Mulino



Cristina Bianchetti, Angelo Sampieri, Spazi della condivisione,  in La rivista il Mulino, n°4/14, pp. 594-602.

Territori della condivisione. Una nuova città

Copertina Bianchetti_prestampa

Territori della condivisione 2,4 7