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Urban squatting in Santiago de Chile

On 5th October 2017 will be held a conference at Polytecnich of Turin – Zodiac Room from 5.00 pm to 7.00 pm.

Tactical Urbanism


In 2011 Mike Lydon has published “Tactical Urbanism”, a digital pamphlet, which had a surprising success in term of downloads. Presenting some North-American cases, the author suggests that a new approach to urban design is emerging, based on small-scale and short-term interventions. A similar publication, with Latin American cases, has been launched in Santiago de Chile in June 2013. Even if some arguments appear simplistic, those pamphlets present clearly some tendencies, which can be found in many architectural magazines and design blogs.

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What’s a house worth? Considerations based on the Chilean experience

In recent years numerous studies have shown how the way we live or dwell is much more multifaceted than it was a few decades ago. House = family is becoming an ever more obsolete equation, and rarely do people live in the same house their whole lives. Increased mobility and greater social fragmentation have eroded the meaning of house. In addition, the crisis caused by the real estate bubble has cast doubts on a house’s economic value. They were once considered a safe investment; today with the fall in property transactions and the serious difficulties encountered by the construction industry, buying a house is no longer a sure-fire investment.

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