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“What is the place of manufacturing in a post-industrial society?” Short track from the seminar of 12th November 2019

In the occasion of the presentation of the book “Territorio e Produzione” (Quodlibet, 2019), an extensive discussion took place in the Mollino Library of the Castello del Valentino. The debate offered numerous insights into what it means today to investigate the relationship between production and space. What made the seminar interesting was not only (and obviously) the profile of the invited scholars, but also their complicity and direction in studies and projects that took place in the past and are prefigured today. Some notes follow. Read more

Due questioni. Note a valle del seminario del 15 ottobre 2019

I would like to speak about two questions. Both concern the conditions within the research on territory and production is developed. The first question refers to conformism or, to joke with old common saying, “increasingly similar researches”. The second issue is that of reconfiguring new or renewed relationships between critical reflection and research practice. Read more

The other city growing in Prato

Whilst the city center of Prato (Italy) lives an incredible calm and elegant touristic age, his industrial zone grows around the swarming Chinese community who is running the biggest fast-fashion district of Europe. A new city is developing from every single factory inner space: commercial, productive and residential activities overlap in the same place and display an intense urban environment. As a temporary answer to the changing productive society’s needs, both public and private streets and courtyards are full of street vendors and hawkers.  Is this only an effect of an accelerationist city or is it the chance to plan an alternative future for contemporary European cities? Read more

Territorio e produzione

Working on production

Territorio e produzione


Territorio e Produzione_estratto

Mass production makes a better world

Mass Production Makes a Better World: è una massima che racconta la vena utopica degli anni della crescita del capitalismo industriale e dei suoi sistemi di regolazione sociale. Cosa è rintracciabile dell’utopia fordista nella Torino contemporanea? Le aree abbandonate dalla produzione sono solo un aspetto del mutamento. Read more

Mass production makes a better world

Mid-term Report C&P Lab.

mid-term report cp lab

City & Production days – 3rd meeting

On the 16th January 2019 will be held, at Polytechnich of Turin -Zodiac Room, the third meeting of City & Production.

The fundamental economy concerns goods and services that are basically used by all citizens, regardless of income. This form of production has deep links with the territories. Two years after the publication of the book on Fundamental Economics, Angelo Salento proposes a reasoning on what has been presented as a Manifesto, discussing its criticisms and developments. With this conference C & P Lab begins to explore the transdisciplinary boundaries of the concept of production, in a dialogue that opens up to different knowledge.

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