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What remains of the Olivettian dream. Scarmagno (D.U. a.a. 2014-2015, Territories in Crisis)

Some places shaped and gave meaning to the idea of progress. They attracted  symbolic investments, as well as strong technological and economic ones. Scarmagno is one of these places: the reflection of the Olivetti’s dream that today is slowly colonized by vegetation.

“It was like an oasis in a desert, all this newness, I never tought I would live in that kind of a surrounding.”
“Era come un oasi in un deserto, tutta questa novità, non avrei mai pensato che avrei vissuto in quelle circostanze.”
Ruby Russel – Pruitt Igoe 1956

scarmagno 1 scarmagno 2

Indagine di:

Preti Lidia, 
Roccati Valentina,  Romano Emanuela, Titone Giovanni, Trocino Ulderico Marco ,Vanacore Luca

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