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Occupy abandoned open spaces, Quilpue. Valparaiso. Cile

foto di panchorivescl

The concept of development is often linked to the search for profitability of land. In this connection, they are not strangers, in some cases, planning tools and regulation of land uses, that may accompany or promote commercial interests or real estate in areas highly relevant to environmental and socio-cultural character. It’s the case of a large part of the territory north of Quilpué, cities in the Chilean region of Valparaiso. Read more

Soil and landscape. Quilpué, Cile


Soil is a vital space. The soil of a large reserve of natural, compressed between two metropolitan conurbations, that tend to join is a vital area of great value for the operation of the entire urban system. The thesis observes what is happening in an area that is subject to strong pressure settlement: at the eastern end of the city of Quilpué, in large metropolitan conurbation of Valparaiso, adjacent to the narrow passage that opens to the plain towards the ocean.

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