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Working on production

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Informalità urbane e lotte per la casa

Fuori dai margini. L’abitare formale e informale nell’area di via Germagnano a Torino

«Via Germagnano Rom camp is the symbol of a degradation that cannot be tolerated further, neither for the occupant, nor for the residents». Thus Chiara Appendino, Torino city mayor, at the beginning of January 2017, after circa six months till her installation, announced the opening of a clean up action of the camp in the north of Torino.
This research, that comes after two years from mayor declarations, explores that part of the city, hardly coerced between infrastructural boundaries, big industrial complexes and an invisible but impending river. A part of the city that has been recurrently described in texts, documentaries, invectives, public debates, administrative acts, since, for sure, one of the most difficult and problematic of the city. The research has been built around some cartographic explorations, a large photographic investigation and several interviews to the resident of the camp, trying to understand the ways in which people is living there. Asking the question of where the city begins and where it ends. Understanding it nor with an administrative or bureaucratic meaning nor only as physically settled, but in a more tangible sense: where does the right to live in a decorous way begins and ends? What is there when we go beyond the hard boundaries of the city, almost impenetrable for the many infrastructures, fences, industrial presence,
landfill sites, wooded areas? Read more

Territorio e produzione


Territorio e Produzione_estratto

Pescara summer school 2019

Mass production makes a better world

Mass Production Makes a Better World: è una massima che racconta la vena utopica degli anni della crescita del capitalismo industriale e dei suoi sistemi di regolazione sociale. Cosa è rintracciabile dell’utopia fordista nella Torino contemporanea? Le aree abbandonate dalla produzione sono solo un aspetto del mutamento. Read more

Mass production makes a better world

Un quadrante in transizione

Perché (ancora) i quartieri pubblici. Un laboratorio di politiche per la casa