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Postcards from productive territories: industrial districts

#7 Prato


Il distretto «degli stracci» di Prato ha subito negli ultimi vent’anni una profonda metamorfosi in ragione delle mutate condizioni macroeconomiche e di settore: verticalizzazione, integrazione della filiera, chiusura di piccole aziende, maggior peso a sperimentazione e innovazione, diverso rapporto con il territorio che investe ormai l’intera piana Firenze-Prato-Pistoia. Read more

Biella. Half District and Emerging Phenomena


In the past, the city of Biella worked as a textile district and its functioning orbited around work-related issues. In the last forty years, many economic, social and institutional processes have deeply changed its functioning. What is left of its old organisation, in terms of space? Read more

After the textile. Biella

Two rivers, the Strona and Sessera, cross a landscape comprised between the Valle Mosso, Trivero and the Valsessera, in the Biella region. The area is affected by a deep economic and demographic crisis, marked by some recurrent problems, intertwined in space so differently every time. Read more

Territories in crisis. Mid-term report

mappa casi

The mid-term report of the research “Territories in Crisis” will be presented on June 5th at the Politecnico di Torino in the presence of a delegation of the Compagnia di San Paolo (Promotor of the Project) and of the Prof. Enrico Macii (Research and Internationalization Deputy Rector).


The report is available at the following link:





XVII SIU Conference. Italian Urban Planning in the world


On 15-16 May, it has been held in Milan the XVII SIU Conference “Italian Urban Planning in the world. International perspectives, contributions and cultural debts”. The conference focused on the active role of Italian Urbanism in the world today and in the recent past.

On this occasion, were also presented some papers of the research “Territories in crisis”.

Elisabetta Bello



For any further information on SIU Conference: