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Religions within the city

Romanazzi 1

<<In our building [it] concerned only the maids and cooks. Of course, I began to understand that Allah was concerned not only the poor […] but we were lucky enough to not feel the need. >> Pamuk talks about the relationship between the rich middle class with the religion during the 60s: a matter of servants and cooks. The Westernization and the modernization meant a radical detachment from places and practices of the religion. Read more

Uncomfortable legacies. Vallette district in Turin (D.U. a.a. 2014-2015, Territories in crisis)

The Modern City has been designed thinking about a growing young population. Its spaces, buildings and services are not always congruous with those who’s living within it today.

014 _ Immagine di apertura

Indagine di:

Carolina Crozzolin, Antonella Felli, Giada Palumbo, Serena Palumbo Alessandro Pani, Marzio Sanna

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Minor vivacity. Ex scalo Vanchiglia (D.U. a.a. 2014-2015, Territories in Crisis)

The north-east area of Turin is introverted and not very permeable. In its great “interior”, which was a cargo terminal, the strong divestment process is now marked by some punctual episodes, fragile and discordant, that seem to trigger a possible process of recovery.



Indagine di:

Mazza Gian Luca, Marangon Marzia, Marino Antonio, Menzio Karen, Parisi Giovanna, Parisi Marianna

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Territories in crisis. Mid-term report

mappa casi

The mid-term report of the research “Territories in Crisis” will be presented on June 5th at the Politecnico di Torino in the presence of a delegation of the Compagnia di San Paolo (Promotor of the Project) and of the Prof. Enrico Macii (Research and Internationalization Deputy Rector).


The report is available at the following link:





XVII SIU Conference. Italian Urban Planning in the world


On 15-16 May, it has been held in Milan the XVII SIU Conference “Italian Urban Planning in the world. International perspectives, contributions and cultural debts”. The conference focused on the active role of Italian Urbanism in the world today and in the recent past.

On this occasion, were also presented some papers of the research “Territories in crisis”.

Elisabetta Bello



For any further information on SIU Conference:


The Subsoil’s Disposal: The Via Stradella Tunnel in Turin

This work focuses on the recent disposal of the Via Stradella Tunnel in Turin, an infrastructure that was assembled at the beginning of the 90’s during the Football World Cup. This work aims to contribute to a debate that involves dismissing and recycling, referring to the notion of life cycle. The attention is focused on the soil’s thickness in the belief that an action within the ground can bring benefits to the reorganization of the urban space.

Agim Enver Kërçuku (Tesi di Laurea Magistrale in Architettura Costruzione Città, Politecnico di Torino, A.A. 2012/2013. Relatore: Cristina Bianchetti, Correlatore: Angelo Sampieri, Laura Cantarella)


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Stura, Turin. Scenarios for Another Urbanity

This work investigates the north-east area of Turin, over the river Stura. Its aim is to bring out some design scenarios to help guiding political and planning decisions. Using the project as a tool for investigation, the work attempts to show the density and the articulation of uses, meanings and values​​, in an area that can not be considered just a river basin or a river park.

Quirino Spinelli (Tesi di Laurea Magistrale in Architettura Costruzione Città, Politecnico di Torino, A.A. 2012/2013. Relatore: Angelo Sampieri, Correlatore: Cristina Bianchetti)


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Shared Housing in Turin

This work is an inquiry on shared housing in Turin. It explores a new way of living with a particular focus on shared spaces and how they are structured. The research takes place in Turin because it’s a city that put attention to these issues through a series of  projects both public and private. The work explores twelve case studies of two different forms of shared housing: Co-Housing and Social Housing.

Antonia Laurenza, Elena Lo Presti (Tesi di Laurea Magistrale in Architettura Costruzione Città, Politecnico di Torino, A.A. 2012/2013. Relatore: Cristina Bianchetti)



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Individual and shared spaces within a hospital (D.U. Molinette, A.A. 2012-2013)


A hospital is a public place for excellence. A place where individual and collective spaces are layered and overlapped, as well as they are arranged within a rigorous and rapidly evolving logic. This is what is told by the studies that, during the last ten years, have tryed to survey the problematic condition of Italian hospitals (from the time of the experimentations commissioned by the then Minister Veronesi). Read more

The Shared Space and the De-construction of the Modern Project. Falchera (2)

Falchera and San Giuliano neighborhoods are two icons of the post-war Italian planning. They were built in the first ‘50 through the Ina Casa Programme. The two projects explored the problem of neighborhood’s shared space in different ways. Giuseppe Samonà and Luigi Piccinato’s reasoning in San Giuliano was about the links between the space inside the courts and the neighbors. Giovanni Astengo in Falchera didn’t face directly the problem, but he imagined a design of the ground so structured than shared space could acquire a plastic shape (below, some deconstructions of Falchera’s Project).

Sara Zanforlin e Simone Ruberto, aprile 2013

falchera 2

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