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Spazi e corpi. Il progetto urbanistico contemporaneo


Masterclass on Productive Territories

The Masterclass “Productive Territories” is an opportunity to increase the reflection about the relationship between production and territory. It will be held on 4-5th October 2018 at IUAV University of Venice. Read more

Esondazione rallentata. Uno studio sullo spazio pubblico a San’ya, Tokyo

“Tokyo is now for many years the capital of the third Grand Tour. The first had as the center Rome […]; the second was located in the unlimited spaces of the United States where the center was New York […]. Today is the enormous japanese metropoly the destination of the new imaginary and knowledge itinerary grown by the global dimension […]. In Japan […] it seems that everything that is identified as the newest is born directly from the tradition, in
a sort of mystical cohabitation of every temporality” Read more

Incontro sulla ricerca nelle Scuole di Architettura

Cosa succede alla ricerca in Architettura? Come cambiano le pratiche e gli stili della ricerca, gli stessi profili dei ricercatori? In un panorama istituzionale segnato da forti diseguaglianze il ruolo delle grandi istituzioni universitarie e del Politecnico di Torino tra queste, è cruciale.

L’incontro che proponiamo è teso a implementare una riflessione critica sulle pratiche e sulle politiche per la ricerca avviate in questi anni, ai fini di governare sempre più attentamente una situazione accelerata di passaggio, non cumulativa, e niente affatto univoca. La base informativa dalla quale ricostruire le dinamiche strutturali che si vogliono osservare è costituita dal quadro emerso dal primo e secondo esercizio di valutazione della ricerca universitaria.

Città e democrazia

City and Production. Explorations towards a design research: #Themes


The Traversée is an urban figure that serves to identify a continuity, a connection, not necessarily physical, between heterogeneous spaces and urban materials linked to production. The planning strategy that accompanies it is based mainly on two principles: on the one hand to contrast the image of the City-factory where the production is structured only within imposing industrial plates that are inserted as waterproof bubbles in the urban fabric; on the other hand, redesigning the role of production spaces within a more complex and capillary system of elements, also structuring with greater clarity what we can now define with production and which enclosures and openings it builds with the rest of the city.  Read more

City and Production. Explorations towards a design research: #Postcards

The postcards are a student’s interpretation of the subject of the Atelier in relation with a specific place. This exercise induces the students to confront themselves with a dense and stratified territory in a first exploratory and reflective step towards the construction of an understanding of the theme of the Atelier. The works respond to the attempt to convey a personal reading, and therefore loaded with a strong meaning in relation to the theme, through a selective and communicative action, using very few elements. The postcards present in a synthetized way an attention to the place as a material for a new configuration. Read more

City and Production. Explorations towards a design research: #Atlas

Large scale interpretative maps

Those maps are intended as both analytical and planning tools. Free from complying with the strict administrative divisions they also define a “Turin Region” according to the issue each map is meant to focus on. Within the “City and Production” Design Unit, the collective mapping work explores the underlying logic of contemporary manufacturing and the way it is nowadays making the city. The practice was meant to build a common framework highlighting topics and issues and constituting a valid background for the design exercises. Read more

City & Production days – 2nd meeting: some notes

On 2-3 July at Polytechnic of Turin, took place the 2nd meeting on City and Production.

Below, we report some notes, within the discussion of the two-day seminar. Read more

City & Production days – 2nd meeting

On 2-3 July 2018 will be held at Polytechnic of Turin, Zodiac room, the meeting “City & Production”, within C/P Lab (DIST), and in collaboration with C/P Joint Project (Polytecnich of Turin – Ecole Polytechinque Federal de Lausanne.

Below the program

Read more