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Soil and landscape. Quilpué, Cile


Soil is a vital space. The soil of a large reserve of natural, compressed between two metropolitan conurbations, that tend to join is a vital area of great value for the operation of the entire urban system. The thesis observes what is happening in an area that is subject to strong pressure settlement: at the eastern end of the city of Quilpué, in large metropolitan conurbation of Valparaiso, adjacent to the narrow passage that opens to the plain towards the ocean.

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Lack between people and places. Toulouse Le Mirail


Le Mirail de Toulouse, planned by S. Woods, P. Dony, A. and G. Candilis Josic in 1961, is a complex of three neighborhoods:-Mirail University, the Reynerie, Bellefontaine to accommodate 100,000 residents in 800 hectares of ground. «Le Mirail n’était pas un projet pour les gens caser, c’était une nouvelle vision de ville». In this way Georges Candilis defined a project that wanted to go beyond the simple answer to the problem of housing and, in its utopian character, proposed a new way of life through innovative architectural and urban forms. But the utopia had to quickly come to terms with reality and, in the 80s, began to emerge the first problems of security and social segregation, which are still unresolved and which are struggling to find a definitive answer.

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The care of public space

cavallerizza to

The thesis moves from a reflection on the current configuration of public space in the contemporary city, that assumes the character of a space fleeting, fragmentary, temporary, linked to single occasions. Characters very different from those that characterized the public space in the twentieth century and it drove its projects. Read more

City and inequality. Marseille, 3rd Arrondissement


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After the textile. Biella

Two rivers, the Strona and Sessera, cross a landscape comprised between the Valle Mosso, Trivero and the Valsessera, in the Biella region. The area is affected by a deep economic and demographic crisis, marked by some recurrent problems, intertwined in space so differently every time. Read more

Re-Industrial territories

Fochi 2

The project of the thesis is located in the Kempen Region, precisaly in the province of Limburg (northwest Flanders, Belgium), it includes the territories of Hasselt and Genk where, during the twentieth century, have followed different phenomena of industrialization that led to an over infrastructure and urbanization of the landscape. Read more

Religions within the city

Romanazzi 1

<<In our building [it] concerned only the maids and cooks. Of course, I began to understand that Allah was concerned not only the poor […] but we were lucky enough to not feel the need. >> Pamuk talks about the relationship between the rich middle class with the religion during the 60s: a matter of servants and cooks. The Westernization and the modernization meant a radical detachment from places and practices of the religion. Read more