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Posts from the ‘Design Issues/Thesis Lab’ Category

Prisoners in Caracas


Divided from the  dawn, Caracas grew in segregation. Thus giving rise to parallel realities, detached, unknown. A city of isolated fragments, a leading sea but that does not hold. Roads with a precise direction, but with one intention, are transitional spaces – not spaces to stay. Read more

After Disaster. The Fire of the Quebrada Jaime in Valparaiso, Chile

View of houses in flames during a fire in Valparaiso, 110 km west of Santiago, Chile, on April 12, 2014. Authorities decreed a red alert for the area after the fire consumed more than 100 houses. AFP PHOTO / ALBERTO MIRANDA CHILE-FIRE

The thesis studies the quebrada Jaime in Valparaíso after the fire that affected it in april 2014. The quebrada is an informal outpost next to the city center. The disaster opened up new debates, new conflicts, but also new equilibiriums and diverging perspectives of trasformation. Read more

Occupy abandoned open spaces, Quilpue. Valparaiso. Cile

foto di panchorivescl

The concept of development is often linked to the search for profitability of land. In this connection, they are not strangers, in some cases, planning tools and regulation of land uses, that may accompany or promote commercial interests or real estate in areas highly relevant to environmental and socio-cultural character. It’s the case of a large part of the territory north of Quilpué, cities in the Chilean region of Valparaiso. Read more

Wasted resources for the 21st century economy in Limburg

The thesis project is located in the Kempen Region, Province of Limburg (northwest Flanders , Belgium), it includes the territories of Hasselt and Genk where, during the twentieth century, have followed different phenomena of industrialization that led to an over infrastructure and urbanization of the landscape. The region was characterized by a non- fertile land , the construction of canals made the land more hospitable to the creation of residential areas. Limburg was a poor of resources and sparsely populated area. Read more

City and inequality. Marseille, 3rd Arrondissement


Marseilles 3rd arrondissement is the poorest administrative unit area in France. A heavily layered, fragmented and incoherent territory. High rates of poverty and unemployment , many inmigrants and young people, those who S. Paugam called “poor disqualified .” An area that has been the center of attention in France over the last 20 years, object of major urban regeneration projects that have failed their plan to regenerate physically and socially the area but have been expulsion mechanisms of its actual inhabitants. Read more

The space of the refugees. Turin


The highest immigrant influx to Europe since World War II is underway. The impact on the territories is huge. Transit routes produce corridors, gateways and borders, camps, temporary and permanent reception structures. This thesis investigates on the spatial dimension of this phenomenon starting from its different forms of living. The focus is on Italy and Turin where over two-hundred reception structures build a dense constellation of hidden places in the urban fabric. Read more

Exclusion in Turin


“Poverty, feminine noun, singular. Errata corrige. Poverty, feminine noun, plural.” The 2015 Caritas Report about poverty in Italy starts like this. In recent years a dramatic increase of Italian and foreign workers has been measured, who have used up any type of social safety net, including the family network. That is totaly new for Italy. The State, forced by the European spending review, cuts the social services and delegates to the family, which, at the mercy of the crisis and unsupported, is no longer able to support the weakest links within it. Read more

Territories in crisis – Thesis seminar

locadina 10 novembre 2015

On 10th of November will be held, at the Polytechnic of Turin – Sala Vigliano, Castello del Valentino -,  the Thesis Seminar “Territories in crisis“, coordinated by: Cristina Bianchetti, Fabrizio Paone, Angelo Sampieri, Angioletta Voghera.

The crisis as a detector of a radical tension between processes

The thesis seminar “Territories in Crisis”, collects seven studies that have different reasons and objectives and dealing with different places. What unites them is a style of work and some positions of background that we try to point out in this short note through three statements. The notion of crisis is used as a detector of a stress between radical transformation processes of the territory and at the same time as revealing the changing forms, modes, the intention of architectural design and planning (1). What remains of the transformation processes of the European territory after several years of crisis, it is both familiar and unexpected. Today the project has mainly to do with these fragments (2). In this mobile framework, what if it falls apart are the cognitive and practical models built on the growth paradigm that has emerged with force, during the so-called Golden Age (3). Read more

Territories in crisis. Thesis seminar


On 19th of May will be held, at the Polytechnic of Turin – Sala Vigliano, Castello del Valentino -,  the Thesis Seminar “Territories in crisis“, coordinated by: Cristina Bianchetti, Fabrizio Paone, Angelo Sampieri, Angioletta Voghera.