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City and Production days

Below, we report two seminar days on the themes of city and production that will be held at Polytechnic of Turin on 13th and 16th October.

Industrial Urbanism

On the themes of city and production we report the blog Industrial Urbanism:

“This project is about redefining the role of industry in our urban areas, making it an integral part of our cities. Through, real-time projects and research we explore the ways industry creates places, sustains jobs, and promotes environmental sustainability. This is the future of manufacturing. This is the future of our cities.”


‘It’s all very Orwellian’: readers on creeping pseudo-public space

Thanks to Matteo Robiglio

City and Production in the Crisis Frame. Politecnico di Torino, EPFL Joint Project

In September, will start the research “City and Production” in the Crisis Frame, a joint research project sponsored by the Politecnico di Torino and the École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne and funded by the Compagnia di San Paolo. Below are the abstracts and objectives of the selected project.
The blog will take into account the research activities conducted within this project, closely related to the same workshops promoted at the XX SIU Conference (Rome 2017).

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City and production 3

Below, we publish a quotation from Maurice Halbwachs (1938), “Morphologie sociale”, reported by Luciano Vettoretto, following the work of ws n. 9 Cities and Production of the XX SIU Conference (Rome 2017) Read more

City and production 2

The aim of this note is to resume in some, few synthetic points, reasons and ways of ws n. 9 Cities and Production of the XX SIU Conference (Rome 2017) Read more

City and production

Here below is an excerpt of the written notes to guide the discussion of the 9th workshop of the SIU National Conference, that will be held in Rome on 12-14 June 2017
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Urban Interiors. A contemporary discourse about public space

On Saturday May 27th, during the Festival Architettura in Città 2017, took place the meeting of the exhibition “Urban Interiors: another form of public space” a dialogue between Cristina Bianchetti, which explained the concept of urban interiors in relation to the project of contemporary public space, Cecilia Guida (Cittadellarte – Pistoletto Foundation), who observed the space through the powerful glimpse of public art and Guido Montanari (City Councilor of Turin), who highlighted the current economic and political issues in respect to the redistribution of public resources. Read more

Urban Interiors. Un’altra forma dello spazio pubblico

Dal 25 al 27 maggio si terrà, presso lo Spazio Festival Architettura in Città – via Quittengo 35, Torino negli orari apertura festival, la mostra sugli Urban Interiors.

Gli Urban Interiors sono spazi poco esposti e riparati. L’opposto dello spazio pubblico moderno: luminoso, trasparente, fluido.  Non definibili dalle connotazioni morfologiche, ma dagli usi, dalle relazioni, dai corpi che li abitano. Obiettivo della mostra è discutere dei modi in cui si riconfigura lo stare in pubblico nella città contemporanea. Read more

La ville fragile 2. Mid-term review