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Città e Produzione. Esplorazioni per una ricerca progettuale

Below the program of the Design Unit on City and Production, of the Bachelor Degree in Architecture at Polytechnic of Turin A.Y. 2017-2018



#1 Exploring researches. Creative Nation, space missing

Nesta Uk “Creative Nation” report is the last research on Creative Industry In United Kingdom. Beside the extraordinary dynamic and open-source database visible in a set of interesting infographics and maps offered by the research, the report could also be a reflection on how is it possible to study creative industry today.

In this research it’s possible to point out four main issues: 1) what creative industry is: a necessary shared definition; 2) data availability: the weaknesses of sources; 3) the geography of creative industry: the absence of territory and space; 4) the relation between creative industry and the city: how production “makes the city”?

Although the report is relevant and interesting, a research on spatial implication of creative production and the role of the city in such an industry seems to be necessary.

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City and Production days- Joint Project

Below, we report two seminar days on the joint project of city and production that will be held at Polytechnic of Turin on 20th and 21th February.


Tensioni urbane

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Spazi moderni nella città contemporanea. Trasformazioni di quartieri di edilizia pubblica

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Is Local Development topical?

Local Development Artimino annual conference focused this year on Giacomo Becattini and the way industrial district and local development could be key-concepts in understanding and planning Economic development and human well-being. We present here few notes about some of the most interesting lectures.

This post explores a comparison between Hidalgo and Becattini in a re-definition of the sector-place matrix, the connection between Giacomo Becattini school and ONU International policies for South, a comparison between Giacomo Becattini and Sebastiano Brusco.

Incontri di Artimino 1992

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Making room(s), Cuneo

The project Making Room (s), made by Ianira Vassallo, Cristina Renzoni, Silvia Lanteri and Eudes Vito Margaria, was judged runner up to the candidature of the City of Cuneo for the international competition Europan14_Productive Cities.

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Spaces, territories and soils of production

On Wednesday, December 13, will be held the seminar “Spaces, territories and soils of production”, at the Spazio Aperto Nave of the Polytechnic of Milan (Building 14_Floor -1), from 3 to 6 pm.

The meeting will be an opportunity to present the service “Territories in reindustrialization” (edited by Ianira Vassallo, Michele Cerruti But, Cristina Mattioli and Roberto Sega and published on issue n. 81 of Territorio magazine downstream of the homonymous Masterclass IUAV of May 2016 ) and to reflect together with academics, administrators and exponents of the business world on the processes of reidustrialization in progress, starting from the three categories identified in the introductory essay: spaces, territories and soils.

Below the program

A new narration for Europe? Yes, but which one?

Recently, Antonio Calafati published the article on his blog: “A new narration for Europe? Yes, but which one?”. We point to the ideas he offers around the city  and production’s themes.


La rivoluzione 4.0: innovazione e competitività per le piccole e medie imprese. Nuovi scenari di opportunità per il “Sistema Italia”.

Wednesday, in the Unione Industriale di Torino building, was held the meeting “La rivoluzione 4.0: innovazione e competitività per le piccole e medie imprese”.

The title highlights the dual purpose of the event: firstly, the conviction of the imminence of a transformation of the world economic system so that it can be called the Revolution, with an importance, in the opinion of the rapporteurs, as equal to what we call the first industrial revolution; secondly, the idea that the change in progress is a major challenge for small and medium-sized enterprises. Read more