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Transizioni. Il Villaggio Artigiano di Modena ovest

Really well-defined relationships and roles characterize the history of the Villaggio Artigiano Modena ovest.

A well-meaning administration conceived an urban space where people could live and work at the same time: as a providential project, the main idea was based on a clear integration of two distinct dimensions of daily life. This model village stands out as one of the most important part of the city and anticipates many contemporary urban rhetoric: in fact, different ways of living and various spaces of production intertwine the same way Labour and Politics do.

Time has nowadays brought this village into an undefined grey zone of difficult problems to solve: from one side, the scattered dismantling of enterprises created fragmentations and changed the urban balance. From the other side, housing deeply changed as well because of filtering down processes combined with spatial decay. More in general, what changes is the grain of both built and lived spaces.

What is the Villaggio Artigiano Modena ovest today? It is at first a sort of big playground: an articulated space made of plants, warehouses, factories, houses, manoeuvring areas, streets where it is still possible to play different actions. For instance, the local regeneration policies, though defeatist even if focused on the territory identity. The growth of new social networks thanks to organizations such as Amigdala. The improbable but not impossible production relocation through space and infrastructures re-design.

This thesis explores the conditions and the background of the Villaggio Artigiano Modena ovest and tries to conceive dereliction and dismantlement not only as a tragic condemnation and neither only as an abstract simplistic opportunity.


Diego Fiori, Tesi di Laurea Magistrale in Architettura Costruzione Città, Politecnico di Torino, A.A. 2016/2017. Relatore: Cristina Bianchetti.

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