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Città e diseguaglianza. Il caso del 3ème arr. di Marsiglia

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This study addresses an issue that recently has opened a wide debate: the issue of inequality, or rather, the polarization of population in extremely opposite classes: poverty and wealthy. Or rather, addresses the implications in the urban space of the presence of groups divided for resources, not just economic. The theme, which has had important contributions by economists, sociologists and political scientists, is not rebuilt in its various matrices and guidelines, but it is given the treatment that makes it an urban planner and a social scientist: both have faced the fact from the city perspective, talking about a new urban issue. The urban planner is Bernardo Secchi and the reference is his book ” La città dei ricchi e la città dei poveri” (2013). The sociologist is Jaques Donzelot and the reference is his essay “La ville à trois vitesses” (2009). These positions are developed in a thesis that consists of five parts. In the first I take the aspects that I found important in the thought about the social and spatial inequality in contemporary European cities. In the second I speak about Marseilles, with no aim to reconstruct a story of its development, but showing two plans: a quantitative plan, mainly made of information about the population, the other is a qualitative one, recalling the many imaginaries which Marseilles is made of: ville-port, avant garde city, city of crime and civil rights. In the third chapter I look more closely at the 3ème arrondissement throughout statistical information. In the fourth I analysed three spaces of exclusion in the 3ème arrondissement. Analysis gained in the field, through several surveys, interviews and explorations. Finally in the fifth part I develop three project ideas that have a radical and extreme nature supporting my hypothesis.

Luis Antonio Martin Sanchez, (Tesi di Laurea Magistrale in Architettura Costruzione Città, Politecnico di Torino, A.A. 2015/2016. Relatore: Cristina Bianchetti, Correlatore: Paola Viganò)



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